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Rev. Christopher is the most reviewed and highest ranked on WeddingWire for all of Utah
and is in the top 5 officiants for most reviews and highest rankings nationwide.
 Rev. Christopher is honored to be the recipient of these prestigious awards:

“From the time of day to the words you say, your wedding is all about the two of you.” ©

Our philosophy on weddings is really quite simple: It is all about the two of you. As it should be.


Congratulations on your decision to join your lives, hearts and minds in everlasting, blessed union! Rev. Christopher is always genuinely honored to be chosen to participate in a couple’s very special day.

At Universal Heart Ministry, the goal is to help you create the wedding ceremony you’ve always dreamed of; Rev. Christopher achieves this by meeting with the two of you in person (via telephone or online video conference for out of state couples) for a FREE one hour consultation. During this initial consultation, Rev. Christopher will review with you the comprehensive wedding questionnaire he has created; the answers you provide him will help him determine the key elements to be placed into your custom written, personalized-to-the-two-of-you ceremony. With your input, the ceremony he creates will reflect your thoughts, ideas and beliefs and will honor any faith or family traditions you hold dear.

Rev. Christopher provides a multitude of options; for example: you may utilize the vow templates he has on hand, you may write your own or when needed he will assist you in creating vows that reflect your wishes. He is always willing to include something that resonates with you, perhaps a poem or welcoming statement that you have found online; this is your special day, the ceremony should be everything you hope it will be.

You may also wish to include a ceremony addition such as a Unity Candle Lighting, Sand Ceremony, Hand-fasting , 13 Coins, Lazo, Jumping of the Broom or any of the many different religious, ethnic, cultural or familial traditions. If there is a ceremony addition that you are interested in contact Rev. Christopher and together you can discuss the possibilities. Rev. Christopher even has options he has created as ceremony additions that may be of interest to you. Whatever your hearts desire, after all this is YOUR day…… Let Rev. Christopher put you at ease with his accommodating style.

Because he believes weddings should be fun, joyful and as stress free as possible, he treats each wedding as if it were his own and strives to give your wedding the dignity and respect that it and you deserve.

We serve all of Utah state, are willing to travel out of state and certainly for your destination wedding; in fact we will travel ANYWHERE in the world and have passports ready. Being a non-denominational minister, Rev. Christopher is able to offer ceremonies ranging from formal, traditional and religious to very modern, contemporary and lightly spiritual to completely civil and non-religious. Each ceremony is created specifically for the couple he is working with. Premarital Coaching is available upon request, though is not a requirement. You can rest assured that, as your wedding officiant, Rev. Christopher will be:

  • Genuinely flexible and open minded
  • Respectful of affiliations and family needs
  • Friendly and easy going
  • Perfectly comfortable with being non-religious or religious
  • Dependable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional

Following the ceremony you will be provided with a copy of your ceremony printed on fine archive quality paper, suitable for framing or to be placed in an album. A beautiful gift to you as a cherished keepsake of this momentous occasion. Rev. Christopher is here to help create a wedding day that is special and unique to each couple and that is abundantly joyful!

Office hours are held by appointment only; contact us to schedule your FREE initial consultation today. Please feel free to text or call Rev. Christopher at 801-577-0542 or send an email to

RevCTS at Dead Horse Point in Moab
Brock and Taylor 4-28-2014

“Kiss & Go” elopement

Universal Heart Ministry offers a “Kiss & Go” elopement ceremony. This service is only for same day or otherwise short notice (less than two weeks). At any location of your choosing within Salt Lake county (ie; his office, your home/yard, or nearby park – not at a venue). You may have up to ten guests attending. Choice of 3 minute legalities only, 5 minute civil or 8 minute religious ceremony with prayer. Witnesses may be provided if needed. The fee for this service is $75.00 and is due upon scheduling the service.

Some reasons to Renew Vows

  • Celebrate Anniversaries
  • Renew vows after hardship
  • Make a “Vegas Wedding” feel more momentous for family & friends
  • Create a “do over” if the last wedding went…bad

Although an officiant is not necessary for a vow renewal, as it is not legally binding, it is still often a good idea to utilize an officiant to help with the creation and direction of the ceremony and for their knowledge of faith traditions and rites; as such, Rev. Christopher can also provide a sense of formality generally welcomed and regarded by family members. Following the vow renewal ceremony you will be provided with a copy of your ceremony printed on fine archive quality paper, along with a vow renewal certificate which are each suitable for framing or to be placed in an album. A beautiful gift to you as a cherished keepsake of this momentous occasion.

Marriage Equality

Rev. Christopher absolutely believes in love; and wholeheartedly believes in Marriage Equality. He has been an activist for over 25 years and has served on the Board of Directors for Equality Utah, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Utah Steering Committee, LGBT Public Safety Liaison Committee and is one of the original founding members of an organization that provided education about and advocacy for transgender people. He’s always been and remains an ally working toward achieving fairness and equality for GLBT people. He believes in love regardless of color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. If consenting adults, whether opposite or same gender, love each other and wish to formalize their commitment to one another then he is truly happy to perform their ceremony. Love shall always and will always win.

Marriage Equality in Utah!

Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding ceremony rehearsals are entirely optional, though of course, are viewed as best practice; particularly if you have detailed items such as a ceremony addition. Should you choose to have Rev. Christopher present for a rehearsal you will know with certainty that your whole wedding party will know what to do and, perhaps more importantly, when. Being exceedingly thorough, Rev. Christopher covers everything from A-Z: the two of you and your wedding party will be instructed on how to walk for the processional, where and how to stand once at stage area, key players and their roles during the ceremony, how to exit for the recessional and several other important tips to get through the celebration with comfort and ease. 

As an added bonus, when available, his wife, Teinamarrie, who has over twenty-five years of event coordination experience will lend her expertise during the rehearsal as well. The ceremony rehearsal can take place anywhere. While it is optimum for a rehearsal to be held at the same location as the ceremony this is not always an option with venues; in such cases Rev. Christopher performs the rehearsal in your living room, backyard, apartment clubhouse or nearby park. The comprehensive rehearsal fee is $100.00 for any location within Salt Lake county; if outside of Salt Lake

The comprehensive rehearsal fee is $100.00 for any location within Salt Lake county; if outside of Salt Lake County there is an additional fee of $25.00 per hour of round trip travel for the minister.


Services are subject to availability; you must contact us to ensure the minister is available for your date and time. In order to secure Rev. Christopher’s services for the time and date that you have selected for your ceremony, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required. The deposit is applied toward the overall fee, not in addition to it. As Rev. Christopher typically books well in advance (8 months to 1 year) and his policy is on a “first come, first served” basis, the deposit fee may be received in advance if you wish to concretely secure Rev. Christopher’s services prior to meeting with him; you will receive a receipt via email upon payment of deposit. Once you have met, your deposit will accompany a signed contract for Rev. Christopher’s services; upon payment in full you will receive a PDF copy of the contract for his services as a receipt for your records. Only once a deposit has been received will you have secured our services for your date and time requested. We gladly accept cash, check/money order or credit/debit card via Square.


We believe in being affordable, ALWAYS. We believe in providing you with value, ALWAYS. And we believe in being accessible to everyone, ALWAYS. Which is why our rates remain affordable. Our Kiss & Go (elopement) is just $75.00 (please see Kiss & Go tab for details). The rate for all other ceremonies starts at just $200.00 any additional charges depend upon the location of the ceremony (our rates are based upon travel distance for the minister) and if you will include a rehearsal (please see Wedding Rehearsals above for details). Included in this fee are Rev. Christopher’s time preparing and officiating the ceremony and communicating with the couple via telephone and email as much as needed throughout the process. Whenever possible, Rev. Christopher prefers to meet in person for the FREE initial consultation (via telephone or video conference for out of state/out of country couples); this meeting takes about an hour and a half so that he may answer any questions you have, address the questions in Rev. Christopher’s Wedding Questionnaire and get to know each other. It also includes finalization of paperwork and filing of marriage license with the state. In short, the wedding ceremony fee is $200.00 for any location within Salt Lake county, comprehensive rehearsal is $100.00 for any location within Salt Lake county; if outside of Salt Lake county there is an additional fee of $25.00 per hour of round trip travel for the minister. All fees are strictly non-refundable (except in the event the minister himself is incapacitated, unable to perform your ceremony AND is unable to secure a replacement officiant).


If the minister is traveling a distance over 3 hours (one way) you will be required to provide lodging. Lodging, rental car and airfare are based upon actual costs incurred; you may secure these yourself or provide the minister with the according payment to secure them himself. If you would like Rev. Christopher to be in costume for Halloween or themed ceremonies please note that a costume rental fee may be incurred; any actual cost incurred would be added to the total fee. You may secure the costume yourself or provide the minister with the according payment to secure it himself.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions regarding our wedding services

Q: How many weddings have you performed?
A: Since July 2011 I have served well over 1000 couples. 

Q: How many weddings do you book on the same day?
A: Generally 2 ceremonies on the same day. There are occasions where timing/location may allow for up to 4 ceremonies.

Q: Do you have a back-up minister/officiant in the event you are ill?
A: Yes I do. I have other colleagues that may be utilized as alternates in such an event.

Q: Will you co-officiate with another clergy member? A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a payment plan? A: Yes, I have a payment plan available. Payment can be made the day of the initial consultation, split up over the time until the event and paid in full one month prior to the day of the ceremony.

Q: Do you accept cash or checks? A: Yes, I do accept cash, money orders or cashier’s checks. Personal checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25.00 fee in addition to the amount of the check.

Q: Do you accept credit or debit cards? A: I can accept credit/debit cards payments via Square either over the phone, via emailed invoice to be paid online or in person. 

Q. Do you require a contract? A. I do require a signed contract for my services; which must be accompanied by at least the initial deposit in order to schedule and secure the time and date being requested.

Q: Do you have any restrictions regarding the wedding ceremonies? A: At this point I have no restrictions regarding anything about the ceremony.

Q: Do you require premarital counseling prior to performing the ceremony? A: I generally don’t require premarital counseling prior to the ceremony. I will provide premarital counsel if requested.

Q: How far do you travel? A: Literally anywhere in the world and have passport ready for international travel.

Q: Will you come to our home to marry us? A: Of course. There is nothing more relaxing nor intimate as a home wedding.

Q: We both have children from previous relationships, may our children participate in the ceremony? A: Absolutely! We have ceremony additions which include children and will help them feel involved on your special day. Smaller children may wish to participate as ring bearer, flower girl or junior bridesmaid/groomsman. Children may also walk a parent down the aisle.

Q: What if we’re not sure what we want?
A: The initial consultation is FREE, simply contact me and we can discuss some options that may interest you.

Q: Are you open to being in costume for a Halloween or other themed wedding? A: Yes, provided the costume does not interfere with the general duties of the ceremony I must perform. See above in Possible Additional Charges.

Q: What is the quickest way to contact you?
A: I’m available by telephone at 801-577-0542 (also by text message) or by email at

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