September 28, 2017


"Pebbled Path" is intended to be explored. Find something that resonates with you, whether it be photo or musing or both, and sit with it awhile. What are your perceptions? What emotions are evoked? Do you recognize yourself within these pages? Does it inspire you?

Find a comfortable chair or a patch of grass under your favorite tree and journey awhile with me. Let my photography transport you as you allow yourself to see with eyes that behold wonder and beauty and awe. Allow my musings to speak the words you need to hear, to remember and to raise you up.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are involved in the grand journey of life. I invite you to revel and rejoice in every single day of it. Enjoy!

This is a reference book for those who are officiating weddings. This book has detailed information on how to write a wedding ceremony.

Love poems that touch your heart. Christopher T. Scuderi eloquently expresses what we have all felt at one point in our lives.

Divine Days is a non-religious though lightly spiritual daily tool to help you feel and be inspired every day. The suggestions in this book are simple, fun and easy ways to help you have a better outlook on life. Each day has different suggestions to implement into your daily routine. These ideas are meant to be thought provoking, fun and easy ways to help you shift your perception of life and the way you react to circumstances.
The contents of this ebook are teamwork collaboration by Teinamarrie Scuderi and her husband, Rev. Christopher T. Scuderi of Universal Heart Ministry based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each of the suggestions listed for the seven days of the week have been implemented in their own daily lives and are also utilized in assisting their coaching and workshop clients to achieve greater happiness and wholeness.
This ebook is a sampling of their workshop series and only touches on the basic concept for each day.