August 9, 2017


About the Minister

Greetings to you! I am Rev. Christopher T. Scuderi, non-denominational minister of Universal Heart Ministry; I welcome you with gratitude in my heart and appreciation for your interest in my services. You may notice that I go by Rev. Christopher; this is because most people have a rather challenging time pronouncing my last name and I thought I would make it a little bit easier. Also, I am most definitely a “Christopher” not a “Chris”, so please do not shorten my name, only my beloved mom gets to do that. 🙂

So the question is what on earth led me to become an ordained non-denominational minister?


Whether one chooses to see it as a calling or a matter of divine destiny or even quirky coincidence it all essentially comes to the same result. Throughout my life I have been of service to others, standing up for what I believe is right and true, facing the bullies head-on and speaking up for those without a voice, listening to those who needed hearing and teaching those who were willing to expand their horizons.

Life took it’s inevitable twists and turns and eventually I found my way, back to where it all begins, back to Heart. Which is how I derived the name for this ministry, in honor of the universal heart that we each are drawn to and a part of in our own unique and different ways. Non-denominational means not to be specific to one, rather to be open spiritually; which is in perfect alignment with my own personal spiritual journey.

The rest of the equation?

I had, for the longest time, fought this road along my journey. I received my ordination on May 20, 2011 and initially began my ministry by performing wedding ceremonies, though the truth is that I knew even then that I wanted it to grow and be so much more than that, and so it is. Universal Heart Ministry is continuously growing and expanding. As a member of the Coalition of Religious Communities (CORC) I continue working side-by-side with other faith leaders and organizations which serve marginalized or otherwise disenfranchised communities. I have led Sunday services and have been honored to be a guest speaker for other congregations. Along with a wide variety of other services, I also provide pastoral care when needed.

I have created Universal Heart Ministry as a stand alone entity, not associated nor affiliated with any religion so that I may truly fulfill my calling of providing services to anyone, anywhere, regardless of what they believe or do not believe. As a full-time community minister, I provide services and am able to travel wherever needed. Because I have chosen not to serve a church or congregation of my own, I do not require membership, tithing or pledges thus this ministry is sustained by the fees received for services rendered. Like me, Universal Heart Ministry is fully inclusive, without exception, and I am happy to provide spiritual services to all who seek them.

What talents, skills or abilities do I possess in ministry?

I have always been a sensitive man with a good listening ear and broad shoulders to lean upon. As an educator for well over a decade, I have been a guest speaker at hundreds of public engagements. I am a published author of an inspirational book that includes photographs I have taken myself; I am also a published poet and writer of short stories and articles. I have even served as staff for a non-denominational church; not as a minister, but the very nature of the position I held lent itself often to church ministry and pastoral care of the congregation and visitors. For a time I even performed Sunday Services for Universal Heart Ministry; now, having broadened my scope, I speak not just to a singular congregation but to a wide spectrum of communities and congregations. And perhaps, of course, what it is all really about…I have a great and wonderful heart.

I have great passion for what I do and for the people I serve, and it shows in the care and effort I put into everything that I do. I think you will find that I am very personable, easy going and extremely open-minded.

In Gratitude to YOU

I simply wish to say Thank You for perusing this site and the services we provide. We know that you have many choices available to choose from for your important event and we thank you for your consideration of our services.Wishing you peace,

Wishing you peace, joy and abundance on your journey,

Rev. Christopher

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