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ReligiousLeadersMedicaid Expansion Rally Nov. 20, 2013 Along with other faith leaders, from many different religions, Rev. Christopher (seen here on the far left) signed his name to an important letter urging Utah state Governor Herbert to expand Medicaid which would provide Utah’s low income citizens with the medical care they need.


Jax & HeatherDec. 20, 2013  With Utah’s ban on same sex marriage was lifted, Rev. Christopher was able to perform legally recognized weddings for GLBT couples. This was an historic moment in time for Utah when ALL of it’s citizens were finally treated equally, by law, and could enjoy the many benefits and protections that come with that vital piece of paper, their marriage license.

Rev. Christopher was on site in the Salt Lake, Davis and Weber County Clerk’s Offices to officiate weddings since the ruling was made and until it was “stayed”; he donated his time from sun up to sun down and performed 92 wedding ceremonies for very happy couples.