Minister’s Apparel

What does Rev. Christopher wear for a ceremony?

Formal weddings            Informal & Blessings    Western wedding

RevChristopher FULL Color          Tan suit       Cowboy hat & boots

Black suit, silver tie        Tan suit                          Cowboy hat & boots


Black robe and choice of stole color for religious ceremonies

Black robe & silver stole       Black robe & Golden yellow stole       Black robe & white stole

Robe, silver stole          Robe, golden stole      Robe, white stole


Funeral services           Casual ceremonies

Black suit & black tie       Casual short sleeve

Black suit, black tie      Short sleeve, tan


Rev. Christopher has also dressed as a monk for Renaissance weddings, the Grim Reaper and a Zombie Priest for Halloween themed weddings, a Hippie, even a referee and is always willing to be in costume for themed weddings.